Friday, April 3, 2015

Announcing Launch was created and launched to help companies and individuals find bulk headphones and bulk earbuds along with other headphones, earbuds and fitness headphones. Our goal is to provide first class customer service and deliver high quality affordable headphones.

Whether you need 1, 100, 100000, 1000000 or more, we make the process simple and easy. Our site is very secure and built on an industry leading platform. We are here to help, not every order is the same and logistics may require some extra-attention. This is what sets us apart from others within the industry. We not only carry disposable headphones and disposable earbuds but we process orders quickly to ensure you receive your order as fast as possible.

Discover a wide selection of earbuds with mic, airline headphones, fitness headphones, hotel headphones, replacement earbuds, noise cancelling earbuds, bulk disposable headphones and bulk disposable earbuds designed to deliver stereo sound at affordable prices.

If you want to test a pair before making a large quantity purchase, contact our customer care team and we can make arrangements to ship you a pair to ensure it meets your requirements. We offer quantity discounts and work with companies and individuals around the world to ensure you get the best price and service.

Check us out now: -  Thanks for visiting our blog!

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