Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Forgetting your Headphones

Do you like to travel? There is nothing quite like getting away from your normal routine and going out on an adventure. Some people like to rough it as they go and stay in tents or what not. Some people have RV's they travel and stay in. But for the majority of people traveling, there will be a hotel in their future. Now one of the great things about hotels is that they are just like a mini little home away from home. And the staff at the nice ones typically go out of their way to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as can be.

That being said, one of the things that can make traveling and staying somewhere a pain is forgetting vital necessities. Travelers often forget to pack the toothbrush or a razor. Another vital necessity is headphones. People are always losing their headphones. They take them out of their ears, unplug them from the device, and blammo! The headphones decide to make a run for it by throwing themselves to the ground when you don't notice. Now this ends poorly for both the headphones and the former owner as the headphones seem only to escape to the ground where no one is gong to adopt them. Something about putting something in your ear that was in a strangers ear. Whatever. The point is now the traveler, weary from the journey is headphone less.

Upon discovering their loss, it usually is late in the evening after plane flights and last minute gate changes. All they wanted to do was get checked in and relax with some tunes to unwind from the road. But it seems tunes are not in the stars or are they?

A check of all the pockets and then the bags and the pockets one more time confirms it. The feared lost headphone syndrome. "What to do at this hour" they wonder to themselves. "Maybe I'll check and see if the front desk knows of anywhere that's open that sells headphones," they think. So they call down and inquire about the possibility of tracking down some headphones at this hour. And what do you suppose the front desk tells them? Just stop on down, we have complimentary headphones we can give you." Complimentary! No driving or buying or anything. Soon the relieved traveler will be relaxing to the soothing sounds of Hootie and the Blowfish, and all will be right with the world.

Now, this little story just serves to illustrate one of a thousand potential different ways that a hotel that keeps disposable headphones on hand could serve their customers. That's not even getting into the parts about how during conferences, they may be responsible for supplying the conference guests with headphones to hear the speaker properly.

There are many different styles and price points in the hotel headphone category. Most are low-cost earbud style, good enough to serve a purpose for a short time. Some go all the way up to ones people would want to keep as a second or even as a primary pair. Examine your options and find the best solution to fit your, and your guests needs.

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